Mandatory Sessions

There are some mandatory events for all Freshmores to attend.
These events are also shaded in pink on the calendar.

Session Name Location Date and Time
Welcome Address Albert Hong Lecture Theatre (LT1 1.102) 21st May, 2pm to 3pm
Learning Journey Cohort Classroom 21st May, 3pm to 5pm
Residential Living Info Session Student Lounge Check schedule
Residential Living Info Session Student Lounge Check schedule
Academic Matters briefing Albert Hong Lecture Theatre (LT1 1.102) 22nd May, 2pm to 3:30pm
Freshmore Inauguration Ceremony Auditorium 29th May, 5pm to 7pm
Freshmore Welcome Dinner Indoor Sports Hall 1 29th May, 7:15pm
Please be reminded that attendance at these sessions are mandatory!

Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony

Organised by Office of Student Administration (OSA)

Please RSVP for the Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony (FIC) with the link provided below.

Residential Living Info Session

Organised by House Guardians

Floor Block Date and Time
2 to 6 Floor Block 55 21st May, 7pm to 8pm
2 to 6 Floor Block 57 21st May, 8pm to 9pm
2 to 6 Floor Block 59 21st May, 9pm to 10pm
7 to 12 Floor Block 55 23rd May, 7pm to 8pm
7 to 12 Floor Block 57 23rd May, 8pm to 9pm
7 to 12 Floor Block 59 23rd May, 9pm to 10pm
Please take note which session you have to attend.

    Important Information
  • Venue: Student Lounge
  • Date: Various
  • Time: Various


ASD Pillar Introduction

Organised by ASD

What is Core Studio? What is Option Studio?
And finally, what is the link between VR and AR technology and the studios?

Join us in this session where Prof Eva Castro will provide an introduction to the Architecture and Sustainable (ASD) Pillar and the use of technology in design. There will be some hands-on VR/AR experience after Prof Eva’s talk, followed by student sharing of the ASD experience.

    Important Information
  • Date: 23 May
  • Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm
  • Venue: Library 4th Floor (Building 1)
  • Sign Up now!

ESD Pillar Introduction

Organised by ESD

Prof Peter Jackson (pillar head) will personally conduct a session at the Data Analytics Lab:
- 1.610 on a transportation game
- Hands-on data analytics course using QGIS (geographic information system)

EPD Pillar Introduction

Organised by EPD

We would like to invite you to our Pillar Session to get to know more about EPD life. Hear from our current students, alumni and faculty what EPD is all about, what it takes to be a “Desigineer” and spend some time with our exhibits – these are all projects by our faculty or which you will be aspiring to build when you are in EPD. This is all happening on Thursday, 23 May 2019, 2-4pm at the VIP Waiting Room (next to Gom Gom).

    Important Information
  • Date: 23 May
  • Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm
  • Venue: VIP Waiting Room (Building 1 Level 1, beside GomGom)
  • Sign Up now!

Specialist/Maker Cluster

Python Development Workshop

Organised by 3DC

Come down and start learning how to use Python and work through computational concepts!

This workshop will teach participants basic programming concepts in Python, which will provide a base foundation for future projects as well as gaining interest to attend the following workshop we will provide the coming weeks.

Participate will require no prior knowledge before the session, although previous experience will help their conceptual understanding.

Video Production Workshop

Organised by SUTD Productions

Want to upgrade from Windows Movie Maker? Take our crash course in film production, covering ideating to filming to editing!

Participants will learn about scriptwriting, camera work, and video and audio editing using Adobe Premiere Pro and related software in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Participants do not need prior experience as this is a basic workshop series that will end with a small short film competition to spark their curiosity in film and boost their interest in joining SUTD Productions.

The workshop series will be facilitated by seniors in the club, some of which have experience in external semi-professional projects. The workshop series will be ending with a small short film competition!

PhotogCircle Intro Session

Organised by SUTD Photographic Circle

Want to shoot and create photos like a pro regardless of what kind camera you're using? Try out DSLRs? Do join us for this workshop series and we'll enlighten you on the basics of creating a good photograph!

Participants will learn Photo Composition Skills, Photo editing using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, and Usage of DSLR Cameras. No photography background needed, just come in with an open mind and get ready for a ride! :)

The workshop series will be facilitated by seniors in the club, all having experience in various photography projects in school and outside school.

Introduction to Arduino

Organised by SUTD Organisation of Autonomous Robotics (SOAR)

Ever wondered how an Arduino works?

An Arduino is a user-friendly programmable single-board microcontroller that allows users to interact with electronic parts with an easy plug and play system.

In this session, we share with you what makes this device easy to prototype with and experience hands-on sessions with how we can interact with it to operate and control Servo Motors, Ultrasound Sensors, and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).

Participants would be grouped into small teams of 3/4 members each and assigned an Arduino developmental kit.
Participants need not have any prior knowledge as the workshop is guided.
Takeaway skills: Arduino Programming, Arduino Circuit Boarding

There are 3 activities are designed to be hands-on learning based to guide the participants on the ease in operating and controlling the provided equipment.

The breakdown of the activities are given below:

Activity 1: Light Them Up!: LEDs
- Warm-up activity session to highlight the concepts required for electronic circuit boarding and wiring of LEDs
- Work through code/libraries to bring participants up to speed about the Arduino coding syntax and thought process of transferring idea to code

Activity 2: Sense The World! - Ultrasound Sensors
- Participants will learn about the feedback outputs by Ultrasound Sensors and
- Learn to apply them in feedback loops to simulate interaction of a robotic vehicle with the environment through the addition of obstacle avoidance

Activity 3: Move On Command! - Servo Motors
Servos are controllable motors that can rotate precisely, usually from a range of 0° to 180°
- Participants will first learn how to control a Servo and
- Implement the feedback received from Ultrasound Sensors (in Activity 2) to control said servo

Uni-Y Welcome (free BUBBLE) Tea

Organised by Uni-Y

Uni-Y's welcome tea serves as a platform for us to share about our mission, the things we do and how the freshies can contribute to the club. There will be also a sharing from the exco members, providing a chance for seniors to mingle with the freshmen.

Participants will know what to expect from the club and can make a more informed decision if they want to join.

Mindsports Board Game Event

Organised by Mindsports

Come join us for a night filled with making new friends through learning to play board games!

Participants will hopefully make new friends/bond better with friends through playing of board games.

Participants only need to be willing to learn about new board games!

(Snacks are available!)

Another fun avenue for you to interact with your friends and destress over board games!

    Important Information
  • Date: 28 May
  • Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Venue: Hostel Lounge

Introduction and Induction to Design Innovation

Organised by SUTD Design Odyssey

Learn all about Design Odyssey’s DRIVE programme, and Entrepreneurship Centre’s IDEATEsomething. Session includes a Design Innovation exercise using Makey Makey!

Participants will learn about Design Odyssey’s Drive program, and the opportunities available to them to Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver their self-initiated Social Innovations from Ideation to Business Pitching. There will be sharing by Past Participants and their startup success!

Participants will learn about the program offered by Entrepreneurship Centre, which will expose them to entrepreneurship, be informed on the Singapore startup landscape, and be equip from the ideation workshop with an opportunity to receive funding to further explore their ideas.

Students will get a chance to participate in a 90 min Design Innovation and Makey Makey workshop.

How To Build A Useless Machine

Organised by SUTD IEEE Student Branch

Useless Machine is a type of machine that when the user does an action, the machine will automatically undo that action, thereby making it useless.

In this session, students will use an Arduino kit to build their interesting useless machines!

Participants will learn basic knowledge about Arduino and Arduino C programming (data type, operators, conditional, iterative and 'include' library).

There will be multiple hands-on mini activities that will eventually build up into the final "useless machine".

Sign up now and have fun making your very first Tech in SUTD!

Remember to bring your laptop and yourself!

The First Sketch

Organised by SUTD Sketchers

Join our sketchers family where we urban sketch and create art!

Do you like art? Even if it's just simple drawing or painting? The session will introduce you to the world of urban sketching as well as have a live drawing session together!

Participants will learn the basics of urban sketching, what it is about, as well as the local community in Singapore, as well as a very brief introduction on the mediums available in creating art, their uses, and different art styles.

There are no prerequisites to the session. It would be wonderful if they could bring friends along so they can do art together.

Things to bring: Art materials and sketchbook if you have. Materials will be provided so its alright if you do not have any supplies of their own.

Basic Form Sketch Workshop

Organised by Modern Visual Media Circle (MVMC)

What makes your eyes follow the drawing that you see as if it's moving? Dynamics.

First Session:

In this session, we will focus on drawing bean bags that harmoniously display their movement through the contours. Participants will learn the basic drawing of contours with the help of drawing bean bags and will have a brief introduction to perspective and foreshortening.

Second session:

Participants will be able to explore their imagination and draw using the skills that they have just acquired.

Bring your prefered drawing tools (Pen/Pencils/Drawing pad/Tablet) and your imagination.

    Important Information
  • Date: 31 May and 7 Jun
  • Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
  • Venue: TT23 (2.314)
  • Sign Up now!

Two Kingdom Trebuchet Battle

Organised by SUTD Makerspace

Create your own personalised mini trebuchet and destroy the opponent team's castle!

SUTD Makerspace club is all about making happy and interactive installations. Collaboration sits at the heart of every project we embark on.

This is a 2-hour workshop where you will be introduced to what it’s like to be a member of the SUTD Makerspace Club. A fun session to try out a mini craft project. There will also be a sharing session at the end of the workshop where you will learn more about the club and can suggest what projects you would like to do with the club in your Freshmore year!

Participants will learn:
- how to read basic technical drawings
- basic assembly skills (guided instructions)
- how to code using an Arduino
- more about the Makerspace Club

There is no pre-requisite knowledge as this will be a workshop targeted at beginners.

Intro to Fusion 360

Organised by Mech-D

Learn about the uses of CAD in engineering and the basic skills needed to start CADing using Autodesk's beginner friendly CADing software, Fusion 360.

Participants will learn about the various uses of Fusion 360 in engineering applications as well as the basic skills needed to start CADing.

No prerequisite knowledge of CADing required.

Sports Cluster

One Belt at A Time

Organised by SUTD Karate Club

Bonding, reaching to a new height and self-defence/self-improvement

Introductory session to introduce Karate and a great way to keep fit. Freshmores would interact between themselves and the current members to learn more about the sport/senior experience in SUTD and join the club to attain one belt at a time.

Participants will learn about basic and basis of karate and instill interest in Karate. No prerequisties are need. Just come in comfortable sports attire enjoy the sport!

    Important Information
  • Date: 28 May and 4 Jun
  • Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm
  • Venue: Dance Studio 6 & 7
  • Sign Up now!


Organised by SUTD Climbers

An obligation-free climbing introductory session for everyone who is interested to join climbing, regardless of their experience level.

Participants will learn the basics of rock climbing, rock climbing etiquette (unspoken rules), and be guided to attempt routes catered to their experience levels by our climbers. They will also get a better understanding of our climb culture and our school life, by interactions with our existing climbers. Participants will only be required to bring their thirst for greater heights to our session.

The facilitators will be our existing club members from the competitive and recreational team so that they can learn more about competitive and recreational team training.

    Important Information
  • Date: 22 May
  • Time: 7:30pm to 10:00pm
  • Venue: ISH 2 (rock climbing wall)
  • Sign Up now!

Kick off your SUTD Life

Organised by SUTD TKD

Learn more about Taekwondo, bring your skills to greater heights!

Participants will have a greater understanding of Taekwondo as a sport and its different aspects (poomsae and sparring).

For participants that are new to the sport, they would learn the basic stances and kicks

For participants with experience, they would learn sparring techniques

Facilitators would be existing club members, headed by the black belts and assisted by other members.

    Important Information
  • Date: 24 May and 3 June
  • Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm
  • Venue: Dance Studio 6 & 7
  • Sign Up now!

Dare to TRY

Organised by SUTD Touch Rugby

Games and activities to learn more about the Touch Rugby

We hope that participants can have a good time with their friends while getting a feel of how the game is like.

Participants should come in sports attire + cleats (if they have)

Our coach and club members will be leading the games and guiding the freshmores along.

    Important Information
  • Date: 27 May
  • Venue: Field
  • Time: 7.30pm to 10:00pm
  • Sign Up now!

Defying Gravity 101

Organised by SUTD Vertex Cheerleading

Cheerleading Introductory Training aka How to send people flying without winging it

In this Introductory Training, you'll learn basic moves and principles used in cheerleading stunts, and try them out with the cheerleaders of Vertex! The training will be centered around group stunts and gymnastics, covering elevators, shoulder stands, handstands and rolls. The cheerleaders will also demonstrate upscaled versions of these stunts that the freshies can learn in future trainings.

tldr: screw gravity, join cheer.

Participants will learn take away:
- body awareness and develop a sense of understanding of the center of mass and motion of the body
- proper stunting techniques and the associated safety measures to protect themselves and their teammates
- how to be cooler than you how to develop trust and confidence in short order

Attendees are encouraged to join our freshie Whatsapp group!

Workshop will be helmed by our coach, Darren Koh, who has been a cheerleader for 10 years, and has coached Vertex for 3 years.

    Important Information
  • Date: 22 May
  • Venue: Outside DBS/Gomgom
  • Time: 7.00pm to 10:00pm

Basketball Introduction Session

Organised by SUTD Basketball

Ever wanted to shoot like Steph or maybe cross someone over like kyrie? You can do all those and more at the SUTD Basketball Team.

We are the competitive Basketball Team of SUTD and we want you to be the next addition to the Family! We welcome people of all skill levels, so what are you waiting for, those jerseys aren't going to sign themselves

The session will split people based on their skill level and later bring both sides together to participate in a scrimmage.

- Learn the basics necessary skills to play basketball including dribbling, passing and shooting
- Learn the basic rules of the game, in order to be able to play a round
- Learn about how to play defense individually and as a team
- Learn some basic team coordination and the importance of it

- Advanced players will move directly into performing drills together with the current basketball members
-Learn more about the set plays that we have
- More advanced movement and strategies that the team plans to employ during competition - Added intensity

At the end players from both sides will be mixed together to play some rounds of scrimmage, a mix between beginner and advanced players will be brought together to include everyone!

    Important Information
  • Date: 27 May
  • Venue: ISH 2
  • Time: 8.00pm to 11:00pm


Organised by SUTD CNCTEMA

Explore the internal martial art that encompass the mind, body and character.

This is an introductory session into CNCTEMA aka Systema, a Russian system of Martial Arts, for anyone who is interested.

Participants will be introduced to unique ways of physical exercises and stretchings for strengthening the body, and martial art training drills that focus on awareness and mindfulness for building a holistic ‘self’ defense.

No prerequisites and martial art experience required. Participants only need to come in their comfortable clothing (recommend: long pants, no jeans) and with an curious and open mind.

The facilitators will be the existing members, and a student-instructor who have been training at Systema Singapore since 2016.

Alumni Instructor/Coach: Lau Wen Hsin co-founder of Systema Singapore and the founder of Systema SUTD. He has been certified to teach the Russian martial art since 2011 and has travelled to both the Toronto and Moscow headquarters numerous times to train with Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko(both world-leading practitioners of Systema).

    Important Information
  • Date: 31 May
  • Time: 3:00pm to 5:00 pm
  • Venue: Dance Studio 5
  • Sign Up now!

Muay Thai Introductory Session

Organised by SUTD Muay Thai

Learn the Art of Eight Limbs!

Always wanted to learn a martial art? Want to know how to protect yourself from the terrifying dangers of the modern world, or simply have a good time keeping fit? Come join us for an introductory session led by a coach from IMPACT MMA, and we will teach you how to use the 8 weapons of your body - fists, shins, elbows, and knees - to defend yourself!

Through this 2 hour introductory session you will:
- Learn the proper fighting stance of muay thai
- Learn how to use the 8 basic weapons on your body to strike
- Learn how to hold pads for your partners
- Learn how to beat someone up defend yourself!

The introductory session will be help by a coach from IMPACT MMA, who has experience with holding large classes.

    Important Information
  • Date: 28 May
  • Time: 8:00pm to 10:00 pm
  • Venue: Campus Center (Outside One-Stop Center)

Arts/Music Cluster

DJ Introductory Session

Organised by SUTD Scratch

Always wondered what DJs do turning all the knobs and pressing buttons on their seemingly super complicated equipment? Always wondered how DJs mix songs and create mashups that blend so well? Well, look no more and because we can teach you the necessary concepts on how to do those cool things! This event is an obligation-free introductory DJ mixing session for everyone who is interested to experience the art of DJing, regardless of their experience level.

Participants will learn about song structures and how DJs use these structures to mix different songs and genres. Participants will also learn various mixing skills such as understanding the equalizer, applying filters and effects as well as transition techniques!

No prior experience is needed to join this workshop as we will be covering everything from the basics! Participants are expected to have a flare for music and eager to learn more about DJing.

The facilitators will be our existing exco club members who have had experience in DJing for school events, private events, bars and even clubs nationwide.

Murder by Midnight + Intro to Drama

Organised by DSOC Drama Club

Showcase of a short detective comedy (~10 minutes, popcorns provided) to show how acting looks like. (Afterwards you can leave to catch up with other DiscoverSUTD sessions.) The show is then followed by introductory session to drama which includes a short presentation that outlines the goals of the club, and fun drama-related icebreakers / warm-ups.

Participants can expect to be be lightly entertained! See for yourself what we do at DSOC Drama find out if acting, directing, productions crew, playwriting or props-making is your thing.

Waltzing into University

Organised by SUTD Ballroom Dance

Ballroom Dancing Introduction Session

We will teach participants the basics of standard ballroom dance (waltz), which they can apply in social dance settings. A taste of standard ballroom dance that is different from our usual competition practice sessions.

Participants will learn some basic moves in standard ballroom, and will learn a routine that they can show off at social gatherings (progressive waltz - ie waltz that involves the constant change of partner)

Participants will also get to experience a different form of dance which is not commonly available

No pre-requisites, but we do encourage them to bring a friend along as your dance partner :)
There will be seniors around to partner the participants, so no worries if they come alone.
The coach will be also coming down to give a formal introduction!

    Important Information
  • Date: 7 Jun
  • Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Venue: Dance Studios 3-5
  • Sign Up now!

Introduction to Digital Music

Organised by SUTD Bands

Explore the ideas behind transforming human input to sound, the completeness of MIDI as a language of music, and learn the basics of designing and manipulating sounds using software synthesizers. Understand that there are new, innovative ways to make music.

We will try to make it as beginner-friendly as possible, but it's recommended attendees should have some prior musical experience to understand certain concepts.

What's covered?
- Understand how protocols like MIDI help to capture (fully or not) musician expressiveness.
- Understand how computers synthesize sounds.
- Learn how to analyze common sounds.
- Hands-on session: Learn how to synthesize the sounds you want.
- Understand that music innovation is at a standstill, and what we can do about it.

SUTD Bands will provide all equipment. Attendees are free to bring their own music making objects, but no mayonnaise please.

Discovering Chinese Orchestra

Organised by SUTD Chinese Orchestra (SUTDCO)

We will be conducting an Introductory Session to expose members of the SUTD community to a few basics of playing a Chinese instrument, and let them know more about SUTDCO.

They will be given a brief introduction to SUTDCO and get to try out various instruments available to learn. At the end of the try-out segment, participants will choose an instrument to work on for the session.

- After deciding on an instrument, they will learn to play a simple piece with the guidance of our professional instructors.
- Towards the end of the session, participants will perform the piece together. There will be a SUTDCO member signup form for those participants who are interested to continue learning.
- There is no pre-requisite knowledge or skills required as we welcome beginners.

    Important Information
  • Date: 27 May
  • Time: 7:30pm to 10:00pm
  • Venue: MR1 at Sports & Recreation Centre Level 2
  • Sign Up now!

Intervarsity Jam 2019: Parallels

Organised by SUTD Bands, SMU SoundFoundry, NUS Amplified

Be there or be math.sqrt()! BUY NOW!

INTERVARSITY JAM 2019 is the first ever full-scale, full-blown and full-fledged TRI-uni concert, showcasing the top bands from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), National University of Singapore (NUS) and Singapore Management University (SMU)!

1. The Way (SMU)
2. O.S.P.O.S.S (NUS)
3. Doctor, The Experiments Have Escaped! (SUTD)
4. Moggy (SUTD)
5. Breedlove (SMU)
6. -ful (NUS)
7. Spacecrumbs (SUTD)

Intervarsity Jam 2019 Official Playlist:

Supported by SUTD Bands, NUS Amplified and venue sponsor The Pavilion @ Far East Square. You don't need to bring anything - we're bringing all the party!

Early Bird Prices (ending 22nd May): $17 (single), $15.12 (bundle of 5)
Other Bird Prices: Standard: $20 (single) $18(bundle) Door: $22

Order NOW at: (for single tickets) or (for bundle tickets)

    Important Information
  • Date: 1 Jun
  • Venue: The Pavilion @ Far East Square
  • Time: 6.30pm till 10pm (Doors open 6pm)

Chamber Intro Session

Organised by SUTD Chamber Ensemble

An intro session for all music lovers!!

From our session, participants who have a passion for music will learn more about the stringed instruments, and discover the joy of playing together as an ensemble!

- will learn more about basic music theory, as well as learning how to play the various string instruments
- will NOT require any background music skills, everyone is welcomed to join, just a passion for music!!
- who already have the string instruments such as violin, viola, cello are encouraged to bring their own! (if not we also have club instruments available so not to worry)
Session details
7:30pm - 30 mins intro to chamber and our club activities
8pm - 15-20 mins self introduction and ice breaker games
8:30pm onwards
- Beginners play Suzuki
- Experienced ones play Por una Cabeza

    Important Information
  • Date: 6 Jun
  • Time: 7:30pm to 10:00pm
  • Venue: Music Room 1



Organised by ROOT Communications team

Free Gongcha up for grabs!

The first GRASS Session for Freshmores! GRASS is ROOT's engagement platform for us to be transparent about university and ROOT matters, involve you in our projects and to hear about concerns that you might have.

Tell us your feedback about Orientation and ask us anything you would like to know about SUTD! We will also be sharing with you some SUTD hacks that could be useful to you in your journey in SUTD.

The main objective is to introduce Freshmores to GRASS as a platform for us to engage them and for them to share their concerns and get involved with us on projects that matter to them.

During this GRASS, we will be gathering feedback that they may have about Orientation through focus group discussions with the orientation organizing committee.

To help the freshmores with the start of their journey, we will also have ROOT members there to answer any queries they might have and we will be preparing an SUTD hacks sheet for them to take with them when they come for the session.

The session will be held at ROOT Cove to also introduce the freshmores to the venue as a student recreation space and the max capacity will be approximately 40 students at a time. As the session is free and easy, students will be allowed to walk in and out freely and no sign ups are required.

ROOT members will be there to help facilitate the session.

    Important Information
  • Date: 22 May
  • Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Venue: ROOT Cove (2.311A)

ROOT Info Session

Organised by ROOT Communications team

Find out more about what ROOT stands for and what we do!

ROOT is SUTD’s friendly Student Government, and we are committed to making SUTD a better place for the people that make it an awesome school! ROOT aims to create an active and lively school culture and environment by managing Fifth Rows and student-run groups, as well as by organizing Orientation and other student welfare related events.

As the bridge between school offices and the student body, ROOT also aims to represent the student voice and bring transparency to the school's policy decisions. By organizing regular GRASS feedback and dialogue sessions, we provide open channels for effective communication between students, staff and faculty.

If you are keen make SUTD a better place with us, join us for this session. Find out the roles and jobscopes that we have available as well as the projects and events that we work on. Ask our ROOT members about anything you would like to know about SUTD and how you could potentially join us!

To find out more, go to our website:

Do also join our Telegram Announcement Channel to keep updated on the latest campus news:

ROOT members will be there to help facilitate the session. There will be Drinks & Snacks available!

    Important Information
  • Date: 30 May
  • Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Venue: ROOT Cove (2.311A)

Minions Treasure Hunt

Organised by SUTD Minions

Explore different parts of the school, familiarising yourself in the new environment while having fun!

Participants will get to know the different spaces in school while bonding with their new friends. They will also get a taste of SUTD's welfare events and are open to suggest welfare events that Minions can hold in the future.

Freshies have to form teams of 4 to participate. They will be looking for wooden laser cut minions. Each minion is tagged with a unique serial code in which they will key into a telegram bot(@sutdminionsbot). Do note that you can only be part of ONE team and each team can only claim ONE token.

Prizes will be scheduled to be claimed on 28 May, 7.30pm at CC10 (2.308) and each team can only claim one prize. Do refer to our email for more details!

    Important Information
  • Date: 21 May to 24 May
  • Venue: School-wide

HG Recruitment Info Session

Organised by House Guardians

Learn about the House Guardians, how they make hostel life cool, and how you can become cool too!

The House Guardians are the community leaders in the SUTD Hostel community, but what is it that they do, and how do you become one?

In this session, participants will learn about the many ways that the House Guardians add colour to the hostel experience through a variety of events and initiatives. Participants will be later invited to sign up to join the House Guardian selections.

There will also be existing House Guardians present to share their experiences.

    Important Information
  • Date: 30 May
  • Time: 8:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Venue: Student Lounge


Organised by DiscoverSUTD

Food is a good ice breaker.

At SUTD, we love free food, so that's what we want to share with our juniors!

We'll be arranging for a variety of snacks and finger food to be available thrice a week during the DiscoverSUTD period. We hope that you'll drop by for a quick bite and engage in conversations with your fellow peers.

On each day, there will be one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian food item.

    Important Information
  • Time: 8:00pm to 11:00pm
  • Date: 21, 23, 27, 28, 30 May and 3, 4, 6 Jun
  • Venue:

Human Library

Organised by DiscoverSUTD

Come forth and DiscoverPeople

Human Library is a place where real people ("books") are on loan to readers (you!).

Here, you can meet your seniors and faculty, and ask them about their experiences in and outside of SUTD. Take a look at who will be there!

    Important Information
  • Date: 22 May
  • Time: 3:30pm to 6:00pm
  • Venue: Campus Center
  • Booklist: Book bios


Organised by DiscoverSUTD

Come forth and Discover our Labs and Facilities

SUTD has many research labs located all around the campus. These labs are usually not accessible due to research work but for one day only, we will be conducting lab tours!

Lab Visit Summary Table
Lab Name Meeting Point/Time Contact Person Link
iTrust iTrust Labs (2.714) 4pm Desmond Wan (6499 4979) Sign Up
IDC 3.109 IDC innovation space (Wait at the door opp building 2) Seng Guan (6499 4995) Sign Up
DmanD DmanD Research Studio (1.707) Tan Kai Lee (6499 4564) Sign Up
Entrepreneurship Centre 14 Somapah Rd (beside Field) 4pm Arifin (6876 4491) Sign Up
FabLab Mobile Lab in the pic (attached). It is parked in front of FabLab (blk 5) below the canteen block. Zhen Hui and Anna (6499 4057) Sign Up
Temasek Labs Robotics Innovation Lab (outside lab 1.702/1.704 ) Soik Fong (6486 7028) Sign Up
Here's a broad overview of the labs that will be opening their doors during the DiscoverPlaces event. Each lab covers a specific niche, so do take note which which lab piques your interest!

Research on the development of advanced tools and methodologies to ensure the security and safety of current and future systems in five thrusts:
- Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)
- Internet of Things (IoT) systems
- Enterprise Networks
- Autonomous Vehicles
- Blockchain

SUTD-MIT International Design Centre (IDC)
The SUTD-MIT International Design Centre engages in a broad range of collaboration and outreach programs with industry, academia and other design research centers and has incubated a growing list of start ups.

advances digital manufacturing in a strategic and holistic manner, bringing together modern and emerging technologies (and attendant basic science and engineering) along the digital pathway that will accelerate Ideas-to-Things. We will carry out research that will exploit new design windows enabled by digital manufacturing technologies to create unique, optima, and previously unobtainable products.

Entrepreneurship Centre
We provide support and avenues for entrepreneurship related activities that turn ideas into reality. Our activities range from entrepreneurship education, experiential programs, overseas entrepreneurship exposures, Entrepreneurship capstone, incubation, mentoring, and events around entrepreneurship.

The Fabrication Lab (FabLab) and its Satellite Fab Labs aim to allow students to design and build virtually "almost anything" with high-performance machines such as Laser Cutting and Engraving systems, 3D Printers, Plastic Injection Molding machines, vertical sanders, Water-jet Machining Centers, Vertical Injection Molding machines, etc.

Meeting location for Fab Lab visit:

Temasek Labs
Temasek Laboratories @Singapore University of Technology and Design (TL@SUTD) is a partnership established by the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) in Oct 2012. TL@SUTD undertakes cutting-edge research and development while building up both technical and human talent capabilities in vital fields. The current focus is on areas of defence system design and development, such as Unmanned Systems, Information Systems, Soldier Systems and Engineering Systems. TL@SUTD harness the potential of science, technology and design for Singapore’s defence, and complement the work that is currently undertaken at the DSO National Laboratories, NUS, NTU and other research establishments. Our mission is to establish a centre of excellence in defence-related research, focusing on systems design and development.

    Important Information
  • Date: 23 May
  • Time: 4:00pm to 5:00pm
  • Venue: Various

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