Discover SUTD, your way!

Take your pick from a variety of activities, make new friends, and discover the aspects of SUTD you never knew existed!
Check out this handy guide created by your seniors for tips to get the most out of DiscoverSUTD and your first days at SUTD.

Human Library

A Human Library is a place where real people are on loan to readers.
Here, you can meet your seniors and faculty, and ask them about their experiences in and outside of SUTD.
Human Library will take place on Wednesday, 22 May at the Campus Center.

Over 30 Activities

Sign up for the myriad of activities curated for you!
These range from Discover5thRows sessions (covering Arts, Sports and Maker/Specialist Clusters) to DiscoverPillars sharing sessions and DiscoverPlaces lab visits.


At SUTD, we love free food, or as we call it, DSBJ (Don't Say Bo Jio)
To celebrate the start of your SUTD adventure, we're going to be organising supper thrice a week! On each of the days below, proceed to one of the following locations between 8 and 11 pm to enjoy snacks and make new friends!

About DiscoverSUTD

DiscoverSUTD is a joint effort by more than a hundred students, faculty and staff, and collaboratively planned and executed on OpenSUTD, an open organisation owned by the SUTD community.