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Senior Management

Pey Kin Leong

Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies, SUTD Academy

Professor (EPD)

Hear from our very own Associate Provost (Undergraduate Studies & SUTD Academy) who took up this challenge since 2010. He is also a senior member of IEEE and a Fellow of the ASEAN Academy of Engineering & Technology. Come ask him about his 208 international refereed publications, 6 book chapters, and 221 technical papers at international meetings or conferences!

Lim Seh Chun

Associate Provost (Student Affairs)

Professor (EPD)

Want to find out more about student life? Ask our very own Associate Provost (Student Affairs) who previously spent more than 30 years in NUS! Hear about what makes SUTD unique and how you can be a part of this community. If you’re into music, Prof Lim is also very involved in the arts scene, having previously served on the board of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra until 2017 and performed with the Orchestra in early 1980s.


Ate Poorthuis

Assistant Professor (HASS)

He has developed methods to collect and analyze big data in a social science context and teaches courses in map making, data visualization, spatial analysis and urban geography. Passionate about the application of academic insights in urban planning and policy and his experience consulting on (spatial) data analysis and visualization, ranging from the World Health Organization to the Dutch national government. Ask him about his membership with the Floating Sheep research collaborative!


Sam Conrad Joyce

Assistant Professor (ASD)

Director of Masters of Architecture Programme

Trained as an engineer, worked in architecture. Worked designing some of the biggest building projects in the world, Apple HQ, Louvré Abu Dhabi, Mexico Airport, and now running a research group applying AI and computing in architecture. Ask me about the future of design.


Ricky Ang

Acting Head of Pillar, Professor (EPD)

Head, Science and Math

Ng Teng Fong Chair Professor for SUTD-ZJU IDEA

Discover why a physicist and applied mathematician would join SUTD from NTU, and his vision of combining Science, Maths and Technology in Engineering Education and Research in SUTD.

Dario Poletti

Programme Director for the SUTD Honours and Research Programme (SHARP)

Assistant Professor (EPD)

Dario’s passion is in the physics of quantum complex systems that results in unique phenomena such as superconductivity. He is focusing on energy transport and conversion at the quantum scale and he is working at edges of quantum physics and machine learning. Come hear from one of the people behind the SHARP Programme, an unprecedented opportunity to pursue research, and learn how you can develop your passion!

Teo Tee Hui

Senior Lecturer (EPD)

Find out how we are keeping up with the pace of change as an institution from an educator who is heavily involved in research, industry and policy making.

Massimiliano Colla

Lecturer (EPD)

Learn about how the SUTD culture integrated both fundamental research and engineering from the perspective of an Experimental Atomic Physicist converted to Engineering.

Lap Chan

Adjunct Professor (EPD)

Come and listen to Prof. Lap Chan, a former R&D engineer with Honeywell and Hewlett Packard in the U.S. four decades ago fabricating ultra-fast transistor before being a Fellow with GlobalFoundries, Singapore for another 18.5 years. He is a member of the Chemistry Team, teaching Freshmore Chemistry, with Term 3’s Physical Chemistry being his favorite subject. On a more light-hearted note, Prof. Chan had just spent two weeks in Milan and Turin to learn about Leonardo da Vinci! It has been 500 years since the death of the Italian painter. Do you know why Leonard painted “The Last Supper” about 500 years ago? In the painting, what was the conversation between Jesus and his twelve disciples?


Douglas Streeter Rolph

Senior Lecturer of Finance (ESD)

Before he taught finance at Nanyang Business School. Now he teaches finance at SUTD. Discover what it’s like to move from a world-class business school to a world-class engineering university, and why he decided to make such a “seemingly dangerous” move.

Omar Ortiz

Lecturer (ESD)

"Read" about the journey of a pure mathematician from a land far away to Asia’s little red dot and his experience lecturing in innovative ways.

Keegan Kang

FACULTY FELLOW, Science Cluster

You might just be lucky enough to have him as your math Prof during your freshmore years! Keegan is involved in several research projects on statistical machine learning, statistical theory and educational pedagogy. Ask him about his time teaching math in Africa!


Natalie Agus

Lecturer (ISTD)

Come and listen to a former SUTD undergraduate student, who went on to obtain her doctorate in SUTD and ended up being a lecturer with SUTD’s ISTD pillar on what she feels about a computing education in university!

Chris Poskitt

Lecturer (ISTD)

Computer scientist by day, foodie by night (also by day). Discover how programming is taught to freshmores, and the research we do on securing critical infrastructure. Also, ask him about Nasi Lemak Uncle Fart.

Oka Kurniawan

Senior Lecturer (ISTD)

Though his first name sounds Japanese, Oka was actually born in Indonesia. He has done research on high performance computing for quantum mechanics, electromagnetics and plasmonics but after a few years, decided that teaching was his passion and joined SUTD. Since then, he has been leading the largest introductory course to programming at SUTD since 2015!

Norman Lee

Senior Lecturer (ISTD)

He teaches programming at SUTD, but has a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also sings in a choir that performs classical music and likes to watch anime.

Entrepreneurship Center


Manager, Technology & Enterprise Management

Arifin started his own F&B venture during his college time in Australia, when he and his friend saw the opportunity and demand. That was his first taste of the excitement, joy, and challenges in setting up a business. He moved to Singapore and join the SMU entrepreneurship arm called Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship. During his 4 years tenure at SMU, Arifin run a few entrepreneurship skillsets programs and fundraising platforms , he has witnesses over 50 startups rise, some met some success. Currently, Arifin is with SUTD Entrepreneurship Centre that provides an opportunity to train, support, and mentor for entrepreneurial students with his colleague.

Researchers & Grad Students

John Chan

Come hear from our PhD student who won the first prize at the 2018 Singapore 3MT (3 Minute Thesis) competition with his presentation entitled “High-resolution dynamic 3D photographs for smart identity cards”! He clinched one of two slots to represent Singapore in the Asia-Pacific 3MT Competition at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. Fun fact, he’s also a great Teaching Assistant who tutored Circuits and Electronics!

Stefanos Leonardos

Ever been to Athens? Hear from our very own researcher BORN in Athens, the heart of European civilisation! Stef works on cryptoeconomics regarding blockchain protocols together with the Ethereum Foundation! He loves Japanese food and Game Theory too.

Seniors (Undergraduate)

Hoo Jian Li


Interested in creating night installations? Want to know how you can combine art and tech? Come and find out more from a fellow SUTD student on his experience working on the Singapore Night Festival for 3 consecutive years! Works can be found in https://www.litewerkz.studio/.

Joel Huang


Meet an ISTD senior, a musician, a programmer, and an open source advocate rolled into one. He'll share about how he makes sense of the many different interests he wants to pursue.

Andy Tay


Come to talk to an EPD senior and find out what life after SUTD might be like! Meet an alumni who has specially come down just for this event!

Tenzin Chan


Tenzin helps out in What the Hack!, an annual hackathon organised by SUTD students. He's also done workshops on clean code and currently works as a researcher on computer vision!

Alan Ng


You're in for a treat if you're into game development! Alan works with SUTD's GameLab as an AR Game Developer!



He was an Arts stream student in Junior College who wanted to be a coder. After National Service, he took a gap year and spent most of it in New York learning and then teaching at a coding bootcamp. He came to SUTD intending to join ISTD, but ended up joining ESD instead.

Ryann Sim


Meet the most thoroughly unremarkable Senior on campus! He’s happy to talk about fitting into SUTD as an international student, as well as how one can make the most out of the HASS syllabus. Also, he loves discussing film, poetry and math.

Pek Yun Ning


Having hands in entrepreneurship, data science, business development, and research, Pek develops solutions with goals of combating climate change, solving education problems, and helping Singapore. She has been co-founder of several start-ups, based mostly in USA. Pek strongly believes in the empowerment of individuals, and strives to make entrepreneurship accessible to all.